Martivillí in the Rueda Appellation of Origin

Martivillí Winery is situated in the heart of Rueda in the town of Pozaldez, Valladolid. Rueda is the first Appellation of Origin for white wines in Spain and is recognized for its long winemaking history.

The winery-owned vineyards were planted by Javier Lorenzo who chose the best lands and the ancient verdejo´s clone from the area. These are brown lands rich in calcium, magnesium, and stony, which contribute to good aeration and drainage.

Rueda character is defined by three elements: the Verdejo grape, native to the area, the continental climate, and the gravelly soils.

The Verdejo grape has lived in the Rueda Denomination of Origin for centuries.

Martivillí History

By the beginning of the previous century, the grandparents and great-grandparents of the family already took care of their vineyards and grapes to elaborate, deep in the old underground cellars, the traditional and historic wines of the former splendid Tierra de Medina.

Martivillí winery was founded in 1988. The wine cellar rests on the pillars of the family heritage and local tradition. The evolution from the ancestors of the family until today leads to the inauguration of the current modern facilities. This meant a change in the production of the traditional wines of the area and a commitment to modern whites obtained with the most innovative techniques, but without forgetting the most significant:

The best selection of grapes that are obtained from the winery-owned vineyards.

Martivillí Verdejo

Martivillí Verdejo is one of the best-known whites of Rueda Appellation of Origin. It is a monovarietal wine 100% Verdejo whose grapes originate from 45 hectares of own vineyards formed in espalier, located between 700 and 800 meters high. The vines endure hard cold and long winters, short springs, and hot and dry summers. It is worth pointing out the wide range of temperatures between day and night in August, which in combination with the vineyards' altitude and stoniness, enables an ideal ripening of the grapes with a perfect balance between sugar and sharpness.

The harvest of the grape is carried out at night, where the absence of light and the low night temperatures are ideal to avoid oxidation in must, thus upgrading the quality of the wine.

The variety of grapes that are cultivated are verdejo, sauvignon blanc, and viur, although verdejo is the major variety, with 85%.

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